This is a WIP of an illustrated book, firstly for the Illustration postgraduate at EINA Barcelona, but a project I want to make happen. 
The brief was to make a book about my own life, and I choose to make my daily routine but also to focus on mental health, because it's not every day we are ok, and we need to take a break and keep going. So the next illustrations are some things I like to do and a little bit of my routine..

Illustration about going out of the house, even when you don't feel like, to see things you like, go do something for you at least once in the day, simple like taking a coffee.

Illustration about a good Saturday morning, sunbathing and reading a book.

After sunbath, and before going out, have a relaxing bath, while your favorite company wait for you to finish. Let's be honest, I'm a little messy sometimes, so I only illustrated the truth.

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