Barbara is a creative and dreamer. But for real, she is a freelancer graphic designer, illustrator and motion designer from Sao Paulo, living in Barcelona, Spain. She creates visuals for editorial and social media, collages, gifs, illustrations, animated videos, paper cuts and stop-motion.
She studied visual communication design in Sao Paulo and New Orleans, previously worked with packaging design, and editorial design for some of the leading magazines in Brazil (Elle Brasil & CAPRICHO), and has been working with digital content for social media, videomaking and illustration for the past 8 years. 
She moved to Barcelona to do a postgraduate in Illustration in 2022.
When she's not working you can find her in bookshops or cafés eating chocolate cake, reading thrillers, taking online courses, or painting something new. She also loves to draw at the beach and post cute reels.
If you want to say hi, send her an email.
Visa: UE permit to work.
You can use my stickers in your Instagram stories.